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Testimonials from my clients

I have to share with you my experience in having Kathleen Brady list my home for sale in Peachtree Corners. Where do I start:

She came by and looked at my house and we made a list of improvements I could do. She gave or got me pricing on the major items and prioritized them for me. I was shocked and figured that if I did them all; I would not want to sell the house, but I had to as I had a new assignment and needed to move. Then she told me to put all of those repairs/improvements on the back burner and just “super clean” the house, address the safety items and get the HVAC serviced. She made a few suggestions to move the furniture around in what she called staging. She said we are selling a home, not a house; they bring more money!

I told her how much I thought the house would bring based on what my neighbor’s homes had sold for. She laughed and showed me what was for sale and what my competitive position was in what she called the “Target Market” for my home. It was $15,000 more than I had figured so I was happy listing it for that amount. Then she listed it.

Her husband, Andy, must have come by 4 times to reshoot the pictures till we were both satisfied. We had quite a few showings and each buyer’s agent said it was overpriced. Several made offers, but we countered them with a $5,000 discount and they walked. After 2 weeks, we lowered the price $5,000 and got a full price offer within a week.

The buyer inspected the house and asked for a bunch of minor repairs that I already knew about and I offered them $2500 instead of the repairs and they were happy. I was surprised when the appraisal came in at exactly the purchase price.

I was happy in that it really was a nice transaction with everyone getting exactly what they wanted and it seemed to me that Kathleen planned it that way from the beginning. Kathleen knew each step before it was taken and had a plan; I guess that is what 25 years of experience does for you.

Kevin P. Korterud, Accenture, Project & Program Management Services
Peachtree Corners

Kathleen was recommended to us for the sale of our home in Dunwoody. My first impression was that she was knowledgeable and professional. We came to admire the integrity of Kathleen and Andy. They did everything they said they would do and were true to their word from beginning to end.

They sold our home at a time when several others were for sale in the neighborhood at lower prices. They helped us through negotiation and closing with a level of skill, calm and charm that could not have been better.

Gray W. Johnson, CPA

"Kathleen is a go-getter and it is refreshing to see such quality now days. Thank you for everything you did for us and if we ever hear of anyone in the family needing to sell their home we will be sure to recommend you!"

Bhagu and Roopa Ahuja

"Thanks for selling our home so fast. We were starting to get a bit worried that we would never move. I guess the third agent is a charm. Actually, Kathleen, you are a Charm! Thanks for all your help."

Lyn Sewell

"None could have done a better job in selling our home! We deeply appreciated your nice disposition and your efficiency. You sold our home for more than we expected in no time! Thank you so much for everything!"

Margaret & Bob Rhea
Peachtree Corners

"Kathleen is the first agent who actually kept appointments and returned our phone calls."

Kevin Taylor

"My wife and I recently relocated to Atlanta, Kathleen took what normally would be a hectic and nerve wracking situation and made it pleasurable and extremely successful. Her experience and know how showed through in every step of the process, we are now in the house of our dreams and it is exactly what we were looking for, in the exact location we were looking for. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone looking for a hard working, experienced realtor who will get the job done right and watch out for your best interests every step of the way."

Howard & Eileen Kistler

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